Saturday, 20 October 2018

Exhibitions 2018

                    Exhibitions I have been pleased to be selected and participated in throughout the year.

An exhibition of prints by members of PressNorth Printmakers

The Vault Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
20 January - 1 March 2018
Traces of a song in Mulberry Musings 2018 Etching /collograph 38 x 28cm

4TH Biennale Print Exhibition 
Tanks Arts Centre
27 July-19 August 2018

Unique Interconnected precious moments Dreaming 2018 Monotype and mixed media 84 x 63 cm

Artist Statement
My arts practice is inspired by the speculative intersections and connections of humanity, together with the paradoxes of difference between each other and being alone, and how it manifests through language, culture and music
I aim to create poetic relationships between heaviness and lightness, between the language of the materials and forms.

Lately I have become intrigued with the rhizomatic model of Giles Deleuzian ‘s philosophy. A philosophy which opens new ways of “seeing” the landscape and life, suggesting there are multiple and shifting points of connection across time and space. 

Contemplating these modes of inquiry in Interconnected Precious Moments Dreaming I seek to express fleeting moments captured in the continuous flow of changes.

Mapping Spiritual Journeys 
Inkmasters Collaborative Print Project
I was fortunate to be included in the Launch
Inkfest 2018
Tanks 4
27 July-19 August 2018

Echoing Feelings towards Harmony 2018 Collograph with mixed media 28 x 38 cm

Artist Statement

My work was inspired by Bill Neidjie’s wonderfully informative book Story about Feeling.
Bill Neidjie was one of the remarkable elders who in the earlier part of the 21st century broke with tradition to mediate Aboriginal knowledges for a broader audience, primarily for the younger indigenous generation, however also for balanda or non-indigenous people.

I was fascinated to read of the differences of the inner or sacred and the outer or esoteric aspects of their life and how it influences their customs and rituals and permeates their respect and feeling for country and all living things, Echoing Feelings towards Harmony. 

Printbank Mackay 2018 Postcard Exchange

Seeking movements in connections 2018 Linocut with chinecolle 10 x 15 cm

Compact prints 2018

International Biennale Print Exhibition and Exchange
Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Art Townsville
17 August-25 September 2018
Precious Moments with Pink Petals 2018 Collograph Chine colle 12 x 12 cm

Print Council of Australia's Biannual Print Exchange 2018
online October 
View on Print Council of Australia Facebook

A Pause in the Mellow Glow of Sunset 2018 multiplate collograph 26x 20cm


Artist Statement
A Pause in the Mellow Glow of Sunset seeks to reflect on a moment to appreciate our      natural wonder of sunsets being experienced by all humanity.

                               2018 Umbrella Members' Exhibition and Art prize
 ....This is not the end
28 September - 4 November 
Still Too close for Comfort 2018 Ceramic and mixed media 48 H x 55 D x 55 W

Artist Statement
Ever felt things are too close for comfort, my work commenced as Too Close for Comfort after many years it's Still Too Close for Comfort

  63rd Townsville Art Awards 2018 
Townsville Art Society with TCC
Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
 5 - 28 October 2018
Edges of Certain Things 2018 multiplate collograph 59 x 32cm

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Exhibitions 2017

I was delighted to have been selected for

Partners in Print .....A collaborative exhibition between Inkmasters Inc and Sydney Printmakers
The exhibition showed in Kickarts Contemporary Space, Cairns 18 February--18 March 2017 and Janet Clayton Gallery Paddinton (Hosted by Spot 81) 5- 16 July 2017
Another Taste Please 2017 Multiplate Collograph 38 x 28cm

Flavours of the Tropics
Selected Prints for exhibition with Inkmasters Inc at  Artroom Vivo, Cairns 
27 Jan -20 March 2017

Island Song series 18 Mellow Dreaming beneath the Tropical Moon 2017 Etching/Collograph 28 x 38cm

Postcards from the North and South 2017
2 June - 9 July 2017
Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Art

PressNorth Printmakers showcased their 5th Postcard exchange exhibition in collaboration with their Southern partner, Firestation Print Studio and an international guest partner, 67th Street Printmakers from Indiana, USA

Another Moment 2017 multiplate collograph  10 x 15 cm

Under auspices of Umbrella Studio I was part of their Pop up Galleries as Printmaking PUNQ's from USAG
Venues were vacant premises in Townsville city precinct
28 July -6 August 2017
Xmas Pop up Exhibition 
261 Flinders St
5 November - 17 December 2017

Image of Xmas Pop up exhibition

Monotypes in Xmas Pop up exhibition 2017

 Gippsland Print Award 2017

Gippsland Art Gallery 
Sale Vic
2 September - 19 November 2017

Una Tempesta Di Domande( A Barrage of Questions) 2017 Monotype with mixed media 44 x 44 cm on Hahnemuhle  paper

Hot off the Press
an exhibition of original prints by Inkmasters artists
Caffiend cafe Cairns
September 2017

Fragile moving Boulders 2 ..2016 Collograph with stencils 38 x 28 cm

Island Songs
suite of works 
Sylvia Ditchburn Gallery
24 October- 12 November 2017

Auguries as we Paddle in the Predawn of the new day State 2 Tryptych Etching/ aquatint of Aluminium plates 60 x 35 cm

Drive Umbrella Studio Member's Exhibition
17 Nov-17 December 2017

Fragile Moving Edges 2017 Multiplate Collograph 75 x 50 cm

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Exhibitions 2016

   Tribal Odyssey 
Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts  
4 March to 10 April 2016

Poet, Victoria Walker and visual artist Rhonda Stevens, collaborated in their research to create Tribal Odyssey, an exhibition of poems and prints, which was launched with an accompanying self-published book celebrating the indomitability of the human spirit of both her and her rescuers to an enthusiastic audience.


Tribal Odyssey was inspired by the discovery of an incredible story from the 1840's, of the survival of Barbara Crawford Thompson and her drama and adventure after being rescued by the Kaurareg people from Prince of Wales Island.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Exhibitions 2015

                        Postcards from the North and South 2015
                                     Dec 4--Feb 7 2016

As Curator for Postcards for Press North in conjunction with Edith May from Firestation Print Studio for the last 3 years I have enjoyed a rewarding and challenging experience.

 PressNorth Printmakers (Townsville, Queensland) and The Firestation Print Studio
(Armadale, Victoria) are community, printmaking organisations that support and promote the
art of making original prints. Both organisations foster excellence and inspiration, through the exploration of innovative printmaking techniques and transferable skills. They aim to connect people, places, processes and ideas through the interchange of postcard prints to extend the diversity of printmaking and friendship to their collective members.

PressNorth Printmakers and Firestation Print Studio commenced their collaboration
and annual postcard interchange in 2013, with the intention of extending friendships and
connections between their members. They had a collective interest in introducing other
printmaking groups from overseas to participate, and in August 2014, Cork Printmakers
(Cork, Ireland) linked with the groups to form their first international partnership.

This year, Tsubata Town Woodblock Printmakers (Tsubata, Japan) joined the initiative as
the 2015 international interchange exchange partners. Tsubata Printmakers have liaised with Firestation and PressNorth under the auspices of Tsubata Town Board of Education to
connect printmakers in regional Australia and Japan through the mutual exchange of students in the fields of arts and culture.

For this exhibition, the artists have drawn on a variety of printmaking techniques to
communicate and develop their individual concepts and themes. Each artist has drawn
on the themes of place, flora, fauna, people or society when creating their prints. Techniques used include linocut, etching, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography, screen-print, print-release and dry point.

Exhibitions: Tsubata Town Woodblock Printmakers Japan, 25 Sept - 9 Oct 2015
                        PressNorth Printmakers, Townsville, 4 Dec 2015 - 7 Feb 2016 

                        Firestation Print Studio, Armadale, 20 Jan 2016 - 9 Feb 2016

View 1  Tsubata Town Woodblock Printmakers  Exhibition of Postcards from the North and South 2015,at Cygnus Hall Tsubata Town Board of Education,Japan.  

View 2

View 1  PressNorth Printmakers Exhibition of Postcards from the North and South 2015,at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Townsville, Australia 

View 2


                                          6 Nov - 17 Dec 2015



Suspicious Technicolour in Moving Boulders Unique Inked, etched, Aquatint Aluminium Diptych 62 x 31 cm (each) 2015
Contemplating the beauty in earth’s natural wonders and playing with the layers of meaning associated with the constant movements of big changes in nature and humanity.

3 Dec - 16 Jan 2015/16

Glow  PressNorth Printmakers and Firestation Print Studio members  bringing dynamic Australian Printmaking to London 
The Framing Salon
10 Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill,
London, SE23 3XU

As the coordinator for PressNorth Printmakers it has been a pleasure to have liased with Edith May from Firestation Print Studio for our second London exhibition together called Glow  which has been curated and facilitated by Marguerite Brown.
To read more about it please click here:

1/3 Fragile Edges 2015 Multiplate Collograph 15 x 15 cm on Hahnemuhle 300 gsm paper

26 Sept - 22 Nov 2015

 Gippsland Print Award Exhibition 

  Unique, Veiled Moon over Shifting Borders, Diptych  2015  3 Plate Collograph on Kozo paper 60 x 66 cm approx.

10 - 13 September 2015
Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks Sydney

Vicki Salisbury (director Umbrella) minding the shop

16 Jan - 20 Feb 2015 NQCC Postcards, Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, .
Biennial: Exhibition and fund raising auction 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Memory 2014 Umbrella Members Exhibition 7.11--14.12.14

Floating Warm Memories  Mixed Media includes pigments, marble dust, graphite on wood 70 x 67
Artist statement: Memory is a person's real possession in nothing else are you rich, in nothing else are you poor. Alexander. O. Smith.
Most entrants attended a fun end of year exhibition.

Merge Printmaking Exhibition

I was fortunate to be included in Merge, a selected collaborative group print project of Inkmasters Inc with Griffith University Printmakers Club /Queensland college of Art, Brisbane, culminating in
Canopy Art Centre, Cairns, 24 Oct—08 Nov 2014
Queensland College of Art early 2015 ( date to be confirmed)

Artist Statement
Title: Merging messages

Our world is filled with a deluge of messages and information in which we merge.
Imagining the future through fragments of the past, a sense of place, and deep resonances in the elements I work towards a dialogue to inform my art.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wanderlust: PressNorth Printmakers A travelling Exhibition opened at Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art Brisbane

The project was a collaboration between PressNorth Printmakers, and Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Arts and presented in Brisbane in association with Flying Arts Alliance and the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts,  the exhibition demonstrates the exemplary skills and talents of printmakers who are based in the North Queensland region and beyond. Next year it travels further,  Townsville and hopefully New York city included
The Wanderlust exhibition comprises of 27 framed prints by 21 members of PressNorth Printmakers.

This exhibition was officially opened by Judy Watson at the Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, on the evening of Tuesday 21 October 2014 
My 2 works  Many Paths to the Waterhole 2014 (50x 30 cms) and Each Venture is a New Beginning 2014 (50 x30 cms) feature on the left side of image above.
 I am delighted to have sold one of each ( An edition of 5 they may be purchased through Umbrella Studio of Contemporary Arts )
Wanderlust Artist Statement:
My work in Wanderlust relates to my art’s practise in how I feel about life, it’s a journey of discovery and challenge, no matter which path we choose.
I aim to create poetic relationships between heaviness and lightness, between the language of the materials and the forms, and using my intuitive method and interventions in the processes to express the wonders of our wanderings.